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Corporate & Business Tax Compliance

In an environment of heightened scrutiny and increasing complexity, making sure your business complies with tax rules has never been as important.

Your business will need to submit tax returns annually to the Cyprus tax authorities, pay its due taxes, and deal with the increasingly complex tax digitisation. Taking on so many functions in house is increasingly becoming too complicated, as the tax rules and systems are under constant development and its easy to fall behind.

Our team of corporation tax experts can provide your business with a full range of tax compliance and advisory services that meet your business’ specific needs.

We can offer tax support for your business’s day-to-day operations, periodic filing requirements, significant transactions and business transformations. Our extensive track record includes working with businesses operating in all industries, from listed multinationals to owner-managed start-ups. We will help you understand and meet compliance requirements whilst keeping you updated on all changes in tax legislation, so you can plan accordingly and meet your commercial objectives. 

Key services

Tax returns
We will prepare all types of Cyprus corporate tax returns and liaise with the Cyprus tax authorities on behalf of your business. 
Tax Advice
We will break down complicated rules and legislation underlying the corporation tax system of Cyprus into simple words to assess any implications on your business. We can also obtain ruling confirmation from the Cyprus tax department for increased security. 
Tax Structuring
We will structure your business’s tax matters to best utilise all available tax incentive schemes, reliefs and allowances on a global level. 
We will prepare self-employment tax returns and liaise with the Cyprus tax authorities on behalf of your business.
Overseas returns
Where applicable we can advise you accordingly for the completion of foreign corporate tax returns. 
Payments and refunds
We will calculate any tax liability or refund your business may owe or be entitled to, before facilitating payments towards the Tax Department. 
We will deal with any enquiries and investigations on your business’s ‘open’ tax years undertaken by the Cyprus tax authorities. 
We will explain your business’s obligation to disclose any tax schemes or reportable transactions to the Cyprus tax authorities and prepare any necessary forms.
Contact a specialist today to help you get started with your tax compliance.