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Employer Solutions

Our team of expert professionals will show you how to respond to various challenges faced by employers today. We will help you manage all risks through effective employment tax planning, which will optimise incentives and benefits for your local and international workforce.

As your business will continue to grow, the people that make up your team will be key to its success. A sound people strategy will help retain and motivate your people globally, ensuring employer and employee compliance whilst minimising risks. A strong strategy will also make your employees feel more valued, whilst showing them that by investing in the success of your business, they are also investing in their own personal professional progression.

Nexia Poyiadjis will assist with optimising incentive schemes, maximising return on benefits and creating efficiencies in administration, which are key to the success of your business and its people. Our services include but are not restricted to:

  • Registration of the company as an employer with the Social Insurance and Tax Departments
  • Registration of employees with the Social Insurance and Tax Departments
  • Payroll administration and system support
  • Salary tax / Social Insurance / General Healthcare System compliance
  • Preparation of monthly payroll reports / customised reports upon business needs
  • Electronic payroll payment
  • Leave management tracking
  • Benefits administration
  • HR workforce support / Visa / Immigration services
  • Entry / exit briefings

Contact us to find our more on how you too can implement an effective strategy for your employment tax planning.