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Personal Tax Compliance

You may need help with submitting your tax returns to the Cyprus tax authorities, with paying your taxes, or even dealing with the increasingly complex tax digitisation.

Alternatively, you may be working in several countries in the same year or receive income from many countries. In such case your tax return will be affected, as you will need to claim a foreign tax credit or tax incentive scheme in your home state, and will therefore need to file in any country you have foreign income from.

These issues involve complicated digital systems, extensive supporting rules, and detailed legislations which require a considerable amount of work to get done right. This is why it is crucial you have uninterrupted access to your own specialist tax team who will respond quickly and effectively to your needs.

Our team of highly experienced tax professionals will provide you with on-call tax support for all your personal tax affairs. We have extensive experience dealing with enquiries from the Cyprus tax authorities, with whom we have an excellent working relationship.

You will be updated on all changes in tax legislation, whilst we will prepare your tax return before walking you through it for submission. We will also examine any further tax optimisation to reduce your effective tax rate, whilst keeping you posted on any filing or payment deadlines.

Key services

Tax returns
We will prepare all types of Cyprus personal tax returns and liaise with the Cyprus tax authorities on your behalf.
Tax Advice
We will break down complicated rules and legislation underlying the personal tax system of Cyprus into plain words you can understand. We can also obtain ruling confirmation from the Cyprus tax department for increased security where needed. 
Tax Structuring
We will structure your tax matters to best utilise all available tax incentive schemes, reliefs and allowances, whilst minimizing tax leakages. 
Preparing self-employment accounts, tax returns and ensure compliance with the Tax and Social Insurance Departments. 
Overseas returns
We will gather relevant information and assist accordingly for the completion of your foreign tax returns where needed. 
Payments and refunds
We will calculate any tax liability or refund you may be entitled to, before facilitating payments towards the Tax Department. 
We will deal with any enquiries and investigations on your ‘open’ tax years undertaken by the Cyprus tax authorities as part of their tax review process. 
We will warn you about any obligation to disclose any tax schemes or reportable transactions to the Cyprus tax authorities, discuss your options and prepare any necessary forms.
Contact a specialist today to help you get started with your tax compliance.