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Governance Risk & Compliance (GRC)

Governance & Risk Management Advisory

Organizations in all geographic and industry sectors are faced with a wide variety of governance, financial, operational, and compliance linked risks.

These risks relate to business strategies, deals, procedures, human capital, technology and uncontrolled conditions and can adversely impact many areas within an organization. Clients engage Nexia Poyiadjis to design and launch enterprise risk management (ERM) strategies and programs that manage these risks and turn risks into opportunities.

We have a long track history team and have helped our clients identify and mitigate their business risks. We work collaboratively with client organizations to develop their risk management capabilities, design the necessary corrective actions and support in regulatory scrutiny and stakeholder activity. Our professionals have had extensive experience in risk positions and have successfully implemented and executed risk management programs. 

Key services

  • Enterprise risk management (ERM) system analysis, design and maintenance.
  • Strategy to implementation analysis helps the governance function measure the degree of achievement on critical targets/goals set at the governance, operational, financial and risk levels.
  • Assess governance programs and procedures. We can help your organisation assess the adequacy, compliance understanding and risk awareness of your key management and the Board of Directors. We can also help in defining whether reporting lines are efficient, reports contain relevant and important appropriate depth information and are up to date.
  • Risk prioritization and practical management initiatives.
  • Risk appetite assessments to determine how much risk your organization will endure to effectively achieve its business strategies and goals.
  • Compliance and risk management program assessment, design, implementation and enhancement.
  • Strategic, fraud and reputation risk analysis.
  • Operational risk management.
  • Credit/interest rate/market/liquidity risk management.
  • Technology cybersecurity and data governance.
  • Third-party/vendor risk management. 

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