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Governance Risk & Compliance (GRC)

Corporate & Personal Relocation

Cyprus’ strategic geographic location, full EU membership, competitive personal and corporate tax rates, education system, well-educated workforce, the business-friendly environment, the high quality of life, the strong and resilient economy, attract more and more individuals to establish a family and corporate base here in Cyprus.

The specialized and experienced professionals of Nexia Poyiadjis will design for you, your family and your organization, the most suitable relocation solution for your needs. Our experts will guide you through, from the initial consultation to the time you settle in Cyprus. 

We offer a tailored support package, practical services, advise you on the various legislations and regulations, navigate you through the immigration, tax and employment legislations, as well as any licensing requirements. The ongoing support before, during and after your corporate or/and personal relocation will ensure that your move to Cyprus is a smooth and effortless experience.

Corporate Relocation 

Nexia Poyiadjis can assist you in discovering the endless opportunities and benefits that Cyprus can offer your business. With 50 years of experience and highly skilled professionals, we can help you relocate your business to Cyprus.  

  • Office Set-up and Infrastructure including assisting in finding suitable business location, office space, service and utility providers etc
  • Incorporation and Regulatory registrations including assisting with the incorporation or migration of corporate entities, registration of the legal entity to all authorities including Tax, VAT, Social Insurance
  • Banking including assisting with the opening of bank accounts and the bank’s due diligence process
  • Human Capital including finding suitable staff, advise on remuneration structures, local salaries and benefits, assist with the drafting and/or reviewing of the employment agreements, employee registration with the local authorities, set up HR systems, work permits and immigration compliance
  • Policies and procedures including assisting with the set up of your organizations’ GDPR and Anti-corruption and Bribery policies, preparation of employee handbooks etc

Personal Relocation

Starting from the planning phase, Nexia Poyiadjis will be your trusted point of contact to support you through all pre-arrival and arrival arrangements, as well as any ongoing needs.

Our experienced team will assist you with: 

  • Traveling Arrangements including assisting with entry permits to Cyprus, arrange for pickups from the airport
  • Immigration Services including assisting with work permits, temporary or permanent residency permits, citizenship
  • Housing Needs including temporary accommodation, purchase vs rent, legal support with drafting or reviewing agreements, local utilities, furnishings, house appliances, etc
  • Private Banking including assisting with the opening of bank accounts, introducing you to banks, assisting with the bank’s due diligence KYC process
  • Schooling including assisting with identifying, registering with private or public schools or universities, language tutoring
  • Other personal support including providing options on pet care, life insurance and health insurance schemes, pension schemes 

Contacts us  today and a member of our team will get in touch to assist you.