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Marine, Shipping And Yachting

Drafting And Negotiation Of Ship Management Agreements And Other Related Contracts

The shipping industry contributes to 90% to the development of the world economy, making it crucial to understand the consequences of mismanaging shipping contracts / agreements.  

Therefore, properly preparing and negotiating terms and obligations of all parties is essential to ensure smooth operations with no interruptions.  

With Nexia Poyiadjis and its international reach, we can provide you with tailor-made advise on drafting and negotiating all agreements and contracts your business will encounter.

Key services

  • Transaction agreements (Ship sale / purchase)
  • Transportation and logistics agreements
  • Ship management
  • Lease and charter agreements
  • Trading agreements (Import / Export)
  • Affreightment contracts
  • Insurance contracts
  • Crew / Seafarer employment contracts

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