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Trust And Estate Planning

Whilst planning for the succession of your wealth to the next generations, complex and sensitive issues arise which require both expert knowledge and considerable care and diligence.

Over the past decades, trusts have been at the forefront of estate planning and used extensively across many countries. However, there has been a trend in recent years away from the use of trusts, due to changes in the tax laws which render trusts a less attractive vehicle for family wealth management. It is therefore essential that you ask for expert support, as trusts can still play a significant role when planning for your family’s financial future as they offer essential non-tax benefits.

As experienced trustees, we will ensure that all the trust’s duties and responsibilities are clear from the onset and tailored to your specific needs. Whether you are a small trust with a single asset, a portfolio of investments or a large trust holding shares in private trading companies, you can rely on us to help you navigate all aspects of setting up and managing your trust.

Nexia Poyiadjis will not only help you stay on top of your trust’s tax and other obligations, but we will also warn you when rules change or disclosure requirements emerge, to ensure you have full control of your trust at all times.

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