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Indirect Tax Services

VAT is an indirect tax on transactions and, as such, should have a significant impact on your business’s daily operations and economic activities.

Complying with the constantly changing VAT regulations is therefore vital for your business, even more so when cross-border or inter-communal transactions are involved.

You need to make sure that your company is VAT compliant, as this is one of the most crucial aspects of your business operations. This involves securing up to date VAT advice and planning recommendations for your business’s indirect tax position, whilst you will also need to be prepared for VAT audits by the Cyprus tax authorities.

Key services

VAT Review
We will review or audit your business’s VAT position and identify any possible areas of exposure. 
Periodic Filings
We shall subsequently prepare and submit your quarterly VAT returns and monthly VIES filing requirements. 
We will assist you with your VAT planning, strategy formulation and walk you through any complex implications that will arise. 
We shall be liaising with the VAT Authorities in order to secure a VAT refund, submit a VAT ruling, or provide any further support needed. 
Registration and Filing
We will assist with your business’s VAT registration or deregistration procedure. 
Ongoing support
We will remain on-call to provide any support your business may require.
Nexia Poyiadjis’ team of indirect tax specialists can help your business navigate the complexity of VAT legislation. We will ensure your business is in full compliance with local tax laws wherever it operates and secure a healthy cash flow to sustain its operations.
To speak to our VAT Department, contact us today!