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International Tax And Transfer Pricing

Whether you conduct cross-border business, or are thinking of expanding operations overseas, our tax advisors can help you navigate the natural complexities involved.

Various tax laws will come into play when cross-border arrangements are involved, so you will need to consider these regulatory challenges carefully and understand the full implications of your activities.

Tax transparency is becoming increasingly important, with tax authorities around the world now investigating cross-border business operations on a global level. This has been facilitated through several international exchange of information platforms, so you need to assume that any offshore operations are disclosed to your local tax authorities. Areas where increased scrutiny is exercised are those of transfer pricing, tax avoidance and controlled foreign company rules. However, the trend towards tax transparency should not be mistaken as a discouragement against offshorisation, as it simply aims to level the playing field through targeting abusive arrangements. For more information on how we can assist you in regards to your regulatory and tax reporting requirements, please refer to Tax Transparency (DAC6, CbCR, CRS, FATCA).

Nexia Poyiadjis can help your business through these new challenges, by complying with local tax laws wherever your business operates whilst staying on top of the ever-changing rules and regulations, and help your business benefit from the oportunities of competing in a global economy.

Key services

Setting up 
Nexia will tell you what the tax implications of setting up new business entities overseas are, ensuring optimal profit extraction.
We will assist your business in dealing with all tax compliance and reporting requirements for both your local and overseas business operations.
Transfer pricing
Nexia will review your cross-border arrangements and show you how these can be optimised, by designing and implementing Transfer Pricing policies across multiple jurisdictions with experts across our international network. We will prepare Transfer Pricing reports needed for any jurisdiction and resolve any disputes which may arise with local and overseas tax authorities. 
Indirect tax
Nexia will manage your VAT and other indirect tax issues arising from cross-border trade.
We will maximise tax and social insurance savings for your business’s international secondees and relocated expatriates.
Get in touch with us for more information on how you too can benefit from overseas operations.