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Deal Advisory

Valuation Services

Valuations can be sensitive to economic conditions, industry drivers and individual company circumstances. Our strong industry knowledge and technical expertise means we provide robust and reliable valuations that equip you to make well informed decisions. 

All corporate transactions, whether selling a business, purchasing another company, or issuing shares, are significant events. We assist in ensuring you are aware of the risks and opportunities associated with any transaction you are considering.

Key services

Financial Reporting
We provide valuation services to assist in financial reporting purposes for business combinations, goodwill and other intangible assets, investments in subsidiaries, financial instruments etc.
M&A Transactions
We put our expertise at your disposal to ensure that you and your team gain a clear view on the key value drivers of the transaction as well as the related risks so that you can come to a balanced decision between price and value.
Strategic Planning & Shareholder Value Optimisation
We help managers and business owners in their quest for value creation. Our experts assist management assess, prioritise and compare strategies. We assist them in building business plans and financial models, the core tools to make key decisions for your business’ future.
Fund Portfolio
Through our technical expertise, experience and professional judgement, we are able to deliver objective valuations of your investment portfolio for financial reporting purposes and review/assess management's internal fair value estimates.
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