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Deal Advisory

Litigation Support And Dispute Services

If you are facing any commercial or personal dispute that may end up in a judicial process, we can help by providing specialist investigative accounting support.

Our dispute management solutions help our clients solve problems to financial losses from litigation, fraud, insurance and other related disputes. Our experts can offer you aid with a variety of effective actionable solutions and are committed to taking a leading, hands-on role in the detail of cases, allowing you peace of mind at every stage.

Key services

Expert dispute resolution and advisory
Independent experts with experience in advising on both civil and criminal matters involving contract breaches, partnership disputes, auditor negligence, matrimonial, alternative dispute resolution (ADR), business judgement rules and international arbitration for corporates, the public sector and individuals.
Insurance solutions
Resolution of insurance claims including business interruption, subrogated claims, product recall, personal injury, fraudulent claims and desk claims review for both the insured and the insurer.
Fraud solutions
Fraud and curruption investigations, fraud and anti-curruption training and risk management, money laudering investigations and compliance, asset tracing and criminal defence.
Digital forensics
Data acquisition and analysis, e-discovery, data analytics and open source intelligence/ internet investigations
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