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Deal Advisory

Investigations And Fraud Services

Fraudulent actions can result in the closure of a business, irreversible damage to an owner’s reputation, and even a prison sentence. Having an effective fraud prevention, detection and response plan is critical.

If you suspect there has been a breach of trust, we will work quickly and effectively to ascertain if fraud has taken place. You can depend on us to be respectful and empathetic in our investigation and forensic accounting undertakings. We will provide advice on areas of potential concern and help you implement strategies to prevent further occurrences of fraud.

Key services

  • Performing financial investigations and evaluating suspected fraud schemes
  • Relationship property investigations
  • Tracing assets arising from known or suspected fraud and other financial misconduct
  • Preparing fraud response plans, risk assessments, and designing appropriate controls
  • Developing fraud prevention, detection and response plans


Please contact our forensic and litigation team for further information.