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Deal Advisory

ESG Advisory Services

As responsible business owners and stakeholders, we need to look beyond financial assessments when running businesses. Every company should aim to improve performance in non-financial areas. Research has also shown that companies which disclose their sustainability reports increase investors’ confidence and help build long-term value.

Organisations should be transparent about the risks and opportunities they encounter. Our dedicated experts can help you understand your business’ current obligations, develop and monitor ESG programs to mitigate risks, make informed choices, grow profitably and sustainably, and stay ahead of the changing regulatory landscape.

A sustainability report represents the company’s values and governance model, which in turn demonstrates the link between its strategy and commitment to its stakeholders. The process of building and maintaining trust in businesses and governments is fundamental to achieving a sustainable economy.

How we can help

  • Facilitate workshops for issuers/companies/business owners to better understand sustainability strategies and policies
  • Assist in the implementations of your goals and objectives to undertake ESG factors both quantitative and qualitative
  • Identify and evaluate sustainability risks and opportunities
  • Draft/review management’s Sustainability Report based on the international framework identified
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