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Audit & Assurance

Audit And Financial Reporting

At Nexia Poyiadjis, we are committed to ensuring you receive the highest quality of client service.

Our audit and assurance experts are skilled in designing an audit package tailors to meeting your business objectives to ensure your company operations run smoothly and without hassle.

Our highly skilled team of auditors and assurance advisors possess the expertise to provide audit solutions through a powerful combination of professional integrity, independence and ethical behaviour, underpinned by rigorous quality control procedures.

Our signature personal approach is supported by some of the world’s leading processes, technologies and tools that allow our team to access knowledge and gain global insight and translate that into effective strategy to improve the efficiency of an audit.

We provide a range of assurance services designed to meet your audit and financial reporting needs.

Key services

  • Statutory audit
  • Non-statutory audit
  • Voluntary audit
  • Financial Reporting (IFRS)
  • Other Assurance services such as ISRE and ISAE enagagements
Contact an advisor today for more information or assistance with your auditing requirements.